„Lazos“, an alias with great reputation and history.

Lazos & Lazena

A nastasios Parasiris, born in Zoniana in 1911. He was particularly loved and well known in our country and not unfairly. A man charismatic, intelligent, active always willing to help anyone who needs it … His homely always warm and welcoming has never denied hospitality. These virtues were greatly appreciated by his fellow villagers who for thirty consecutive years elected him president in their village.

His name still remains alive today in the memories of the people who were fortunate enough to meet him and have left for the angel’s neighborhood for many years.

It would have been a great omission if we did not refer to the most important person in the life of Lazos, his wife, Androniki Mavrogianni, a dynamic woman who stood next to him, supporting him in all his steps and encouraging him to face every challenge.

Lazos and Lazena were the parents of the hotel owner, Dr. med. Argyri Parasyri Bauer.

Μrs. Argyri Parasiri Bauer studied Medicine at the University of Munich and has been practicing her profession very successfully since then, in the private clinic she founded in the city. The respect, the appreciation of her parents’ work and their inability to have them, led her to create the Lazos hotel in their place, honoring their memory.

Τhe idea of this hotel was based on the hospitality that characterized Lazos’ home and the goal of the owner was neither the excessive luxury nor the automated modern systems that doesn´t allow communication between people but the continuity of hospitality as it was experienced and lived from Lazo.

This small unit is a family business that works with great dedication, love, respect for the client and is aimed at human contact and communication!